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We love adventure. We love exploring. We love learning. We love rediscovering ourselves. Explore Watersports is about exploring to discover. Every activity we offer is a journey to explore yourselves and find the new “you”. We want everyone out there to experience the true spirit of adventure and embrace the essence of life.

Explore Goa

Goa Location Image

Vacate yourself in the salty sands and the blue beaches of Goa. Whether you’re looking for a little adventure or an extreme adrenaline rushing sport, we have it all.

Leave behind the world you came from, and engage into a world of thrill and excitement. This is Goa, here’s a chance, your search and desires, it all begins and ends here. It’s time to take action, indulge now.

Explore Rishikesh

Rishikesh Location Image

To all the soul searches and the leisure travelers, welcome to the home of Himalayas. Along the holy dip in the Ganges, there’s so much more to do.

Love the water? Try White Water Rafting / Kayaking and feel the thrill of the free-flowing river amidst the scenic backdrop of the hills. To slow down the tone, choose camping in the magnificence of the high mountains. Wake up with the early birds and swim in the fresh water that surrounds.

Your first step to experience your passion all round Rishikesh, starts here. Let’s Explore.


Our all-including thematic packages are created according to your interests and give you the opportunity to experience your passion around Blue Water Bodies in India.

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