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Our brand

We love adventure. We love exploring. We love learning. We love rediscovering ourselves. Explore Watersports is about exploring to discover. Every activity we offer is a journey to explore yourselves and find the new “you”. We want everyone out there to experience the true spirit of adventure and embrace the essence of life.

Our Activities

Our aim is to explore to discover so we offer the best of activities in the places replete with serene natural beauty. We help you choose the adventure retreats for an unforgettable perfect holiday. We want to make it easy for everyone and we offer affordable activities and trips so you feel the happiest. We want you to live your life, taste your life and experience it to the fullest. We drop over new bunch of activities and trips almost every single day to help you explore it all and expand yourselves.

Who run this exploration

Wandering souls with unquenchable thirst for exploring run this exploration and their sole aim is to spread the message of exploring to discover the new “you”. Our boundless dreams and endless passion make us strive to serve better and grow better.

Explorers of Explore Watersports

Exploring is our dream and we believe in inspiring every explorer out there to dream, explore and discover. Exploration is the heart of our venture. We have a devoted team of enthusiastic souls making sure that you indulge in the powerful solace of exploration and adventure. Our explorers are soul searchers or thrill seekers and we love them for their ardent passion and soulful dreams. Let’s embrace the true sense of exploration and see it all.

We care for your safety

Life jacket
Life guard
Strict Adherence to INTL guidelines for water safety
Continous weather watch
Daily Inspection
APT Communication